Le Bois Gerard Wedding Photography, France | Michelle & Elie

I’ve been in love with France ever since I backpacked all around the country back in my university days and I’ll take any opportunity to go back. Last December I was visiting a friend in Paris who introduced me to Michelle and Elie, a freshly engaged Australian-French couple. We did a little engagement session together and we just clicked so well (pun intended) that I never hesitated when they asked me if I’d travel back to France to photograph their wedding in the summer.

I just love photographing weddings of couples that I feel very connected to – it just feels so much more personal and as a photographer it really makes me feel like I’m a part of the wedding and not just an outsider looking in through the lens. This was definitely one of those weddings. Not only Michelle and Elie but both their families and friends made me feel so welcome and it was such a pleasure capturing their wedding day.

Michelle is an Ozzie expat, who initially just came to Paris for a year abroad. Then she met Elie and like she herself said in her speech, somewhere between peut etre and pourquoi pas a romance was born. No, this is not the back cover of a romance novel and yes, romance like this does happen in real life. Their wedding was a meeting of two cultures and reminded me somewhat of my own, with two different languages spoken, translating back and forth and smiles and warm embraces (and cheese!) that transcended all the language barriers.

As Michelle’s family came over from Australia, Michelle and Elie looked for a spaceous, yet intimate venue that could accommodate all their families and keep everyone in one place. They found it in Le Bois Gerard, a secluded venue in the middle of french countryside, about 2 hour journey south of Paris. Everyone pitched in to help set up for the big day and many of their friends lent their talents, from helping with make up to making the wedding cake. Michelle and Elie’s vision was to hold everything out in the open, from the ceremony to the reception, but a very showery forecast for the wedding day held everyone in suspense from early morning. There were indeed a few showers in the morning, including one right in the middle of the ceremony but thanks to the trees and a few guests with umbrellas, no one got too phased or too wet. Once the ceremony was over, so was the shower and the weather stayed dry for the rest of the day – we even got some beautiful golden light as the sun set.

It really was a spectacular day and I am forever grateful to Michelle and Elie for making me a part of it.