Croatia Couple Photography | Nika & Andraž

Croatian coastline is one of those places that feels like a second home to me. Ever since I was a baby I spent a few weeks of every summer somewhere along the Croatian coast or on one of its beautiful islands.

Even now we still spend a lot of time in north Croatia every summer and as a Croatia couple photographer, I am happy to take on sessions while we are there.

Rovinj – A Jewel of the Adriatic Coastline

There are so many picturesque locations in the area that make for a stunning photo backdrop. One of my absolutely favourite places is Rovinj, a small city on the Istrian peninsula.

In its old town, you find pretty orange-hued houses, which are tightly lined up right down to the sea and all around its active port. A tangle of cobbled streets leads to the hilltop church of St. Euphemia.

My husband and I try to visit every summer, enjoying strolls through the cobbled streets and seaside vistas, while reminiscing of our honeymoon which we spent here many years ago.

Croatia Couple Photography

This summer I was lucky enough to be able to capture a session in Rovinj with a lovely couple. I met Nika and Andraž last year when I photographed their friends’ wedding in Slovenia.

This summer they were also holidaying close by, so we agreed to meet in Rovinj at dawn. I have never been to the city that early in the day but as a couple photographer I knew it was the only way to avoid the crowds that descend its streets in the evening.

As soon as I arrived I was completely mesmerised. The city was quiet and still except for a few fishermen waiting on their catch. The light has just started to illuminate the houses in the prettiest pastel hues.

We took a walk through the old town and enjoyed having the city for ourselves. When we finished, it just started to fill up with people. Cafes were buzzing with locals and tourists alike, waiting for their morning fix of coffee. We stopped for ours at hotel Adriatic, a Rovinj staple with one of the best locations for people watching.

I hope to do many more sessions and weddings in Croatia in the coming years. Its coastline offers some of the prettiest locations in Europe. If you are planning a session or a wedding in Croatia, I would love to hear from you!

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