Couple Photoshoot in Surrey, Thursley | Ella & Matt

Young, sweet love. The kind that still gives you butterflies and makes you daydream. It is so beautiful to see and I am thrilled when I get a chance to capture it. It makes me go back through my memories and I allow myself to be taken back a decade and remember what it felt like.

When I was at University older people used to tell me all the time to cherish those days as they would be the sweetest days of my life. It used to make me panic when I sat in my room with dark circles under my eyes and a stack of books that I had to get through for an upcoming exam – is this really my life at its peak!? I’m glad to report that it wasn’t. But those periods in between exams when all you care about is spending time with your love and enjoying the sun on your face and the wind in your hair, those really are some of the golden times.

On one sunny spring morning we took the opportunity to create some memories with Ella and Matt while they were on a break from Uni. We were out early and it was quiet and peaceful and I just let them be and tried to capture the in-between moments. I hope they will look back on these one day and mark these memories as their golden times.