Couple Photography in Slovenia, Mangartsko Sedlo | Alja & Miha

Back in Slovenia this summer I had the pleasure to meet Alja and Miha, the couple behind the lifestyle and travel blog Ljubeznice (the blog is in Slovenian but anyone would benefit from the beautiful imagery they create or you can find both, Alja and Miha on Instagram). I’ve been following their adventures for some time and have lived vicariously through their city and hiking trips, possibly with slight nostalgia of my student days.

Since living through others’ adventures is only so much fun, I got in touch with them and invited them on a little road trip to Posocje. They were up for it and as we only had a limited amount of time, we limited our stops to two locations. First, we drove through Soca Valley, past Bovec, to Sunikov vodni gaj. There were lots of beautiful spots on the way there, along the river, but with the heat pressing hard everyone was out to find some refreshment. Thankfully Sunikov vodni gaj is not very well known and conveniently hidden just past Lepena camp and so it was surprisingly quiet. When photographing couples I always try to pick locations that are not busy and/or very early or late hours of the day, so that we can be alone. It’s daunting enough to relax and enjoy the moment when you have a camera in your face, let alone if there are other strangers looking on.

Not having met either Alja or Miha before, I had no idea how they would take to being photographed as a couple. I needn’t have feared though, they were so relaxed and comfortable with each other and hardly needed any direction. As the light was disappearing quickly, we didn’t stay at Sunikov vodni gaj for long. Instead, we hopped back into the car and drove up to Mangartsko sedlo, a mountain pass in the Julian Alps that was the perfect location for these two nature-lovers. I grew up not far from the area but have not been to Mangartsko sedlo in many, many years – so long ago in fact, that I had no recollection of what the place looked like. When we finally got to the top (and I managed to steady my stomach after Miha’s speedy drive up the curvy, narrow road) I could hardly pick my favourite view – so we took photos everywhere. We lost the sun behind the cloudy haze but most visitors had left by then, so we had the whole place for ourselves. Alja and Miha really let go and they were just wonderful to photograph. These are my favourite sessions, where I can combine beautiful nature, a beautiful couple and make new friends.

We only left when darkness fell and zooming down the mountain on that curvy road in the dark was an interesting experience in itself but I was thankfully distracted by our conversations. Back in Bovec we went our separate ways, me back home, while Alja and Miha continued to another mountain pass, Vrsic, where they spent the night. I have no doubt that our paths will cross again and I hope we can plan a longer adventure together next time.